How To Throw A Card (Really Fast)

How To Throw A Card (Really Fast)

Ever wanted to learn the techniques of Gambit from X-Men?

Well now you can.

Let’s learn how to throw a card really fast in just a few easy steps!

The easiest technique for throwing cards accurately

I’m going to take you through this step by step.

Make sure you get a card, and follow along.

Step 1: Gripping the card

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The first step of getting a card throw right is to make sure you have the card held properly in your hand.

Take just one card from a deck of cards and hold it on the top third only.

Your thumb should be on the front of the card, your pointer finger rests on the top left-hand corner, and your other fingers secures the back of the card.

This hand position provides both control and mobility so that you will be able to guide the card, spin it, and throw it successfully.

Now, practice moving your hand into this grip position quickly a few times before moving on to learn how to spin.

Step 2: Spinning the card

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After learning how to grip the card, practice spinning it.

Put your card in the grip from Step 1.

Then, curl your wrist in towards your arm.

Snap your hand away from your arm, and let the card roll off your pointer finger so that it spins.

Spinning the card

on’t worry about going for distance or speed at this time. You just want to get the spinning motion down before adding in the throwing aspect of this technique. 

Step 3: Throwing the card

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The last part to learn is it effects namesake: the card throw!

Just like you would throw a ball, you need to get your whole body involved.

First, let’s talk about your arm.

Holding the card as you learned, bring your hand up next to your head so that your arm is in a 90-degree position or an L shape.

Curl your wrist towards your forearm. Accelerate your arm forward.

When your arm is about halfway down towards your waist, start to unfurl your wrist to create the snapping action needed to spin the card as learned in Step 2.

Throwing the card

Release the card when your arm is slightly below horizontal to the ground.


Watch it in action + a video tutorial


After learning this trick, you can continue to improve it and even build entire acts around it.

Set up a tower of cups and practice aiming where the card goes.

To throw harder or be more accurate, you can turn your body to the side and use a twisting motion to put more force behind the throw.

Once you practice, you’ll be able to knock down card towers, cups and more with this skill.