David Blaine

David Blaine’s Hand Sandwich Card Trick Revealed

David Blaine

This is my absolute favourite card trick of all time, and I first saw it being performed by David Blaine. The main technique you need in this trick is the double lift. The trick involves using it twice to transport the card in the spectator’s hand with the one you are holding.

It’s so amazing that even if you get caught doing the double lift, and people know you are lifting 2 cards, they still can’t figure out how you did the trick.

Here is the performance and tutorial:

Now, David Blaine likes to make people pick a card before starting the trick. That makes the trick look way cooler, but it looks just as cool if you just do it with any random cards. The main effect is in changing the card in their hands.

David Blaine Teaches a Card Trick to the Staff at Esquire

David Blaine, Performance, Tutorial

David Blaine is known for a lot of street magic where he shows card tricks to bystanders. This time, he performs a card trick to the editors at Esquire Magazine. At the end of the trick, he explains how it’s done. It’s pretty brilliant.

This shows that even world class magicians like David Blaine performs easy-to-perform tricks like this one. The only difference is that he is able to communicate and build up the trick in his own unique way to make the effect even more spectacular.

Like most street magic tricks, the art is in the way you communicate the trick to fool their minds rather than the actual trick itself.