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The #1 site for learning magic tricks, illusions, and mentalism for people of all skill levels. Learn easy coin, card, and advanced stage magic tricks performed by the world’s greatest magicians like David Blaine, Copperfield, Houdini, Dynamo, and Penn & Teller. With practice and dedication, you too can become an elite illusionist either for hobby or as a career.

Have you ever watched a magician and wondered, how did they do that?

We reveal the biggest kept secrets in the world, and the newest performances of 2017. We have in-depth tutorials for card and coin, easy bar tricks, and the biggest stage illusions in history.

Tips for mastering a magic trick

There are 3 stages to learning a new magic trick: Discovery, Practice, and Mastery. And this is what it looks like:

  1. Discovery: There are thousands of different kinds of magic tricks out there that you can learn. As you begin researching the world of illusionists, you’ll stumble upon ones that you really want to learn and add into your arsenal. This stage is called Discovery. We’re simply finding out about them and determining if it’s something we want to spend time practicing or not.
  2. Practice: In this stage, we’re just going through the motions and learning how it’s actually done. The biggest mistake that people make is rushing this stage. They can’t wait to show their friends and family so they spend minimal time practicing and then try and perform it for an audience right away.
  3. Mastery: For any magic trick, you are NOT ready to perform it until you hit stage 3 which is Mastery. In Mastery, we’re practicing the trick until we can do it with our eyes closed. We’re engraining the actions into our muscle memory. Why? Because we want to be able to go through it flawlessly and smoothly. Anybody can perform a new trick successfully. But not everyone takes the time to master them completely.

A performance that has been mastered looks 10x better. So for every trick you Discover on this site, make sure to master them first before rushing out and performing it to an audience.

Good luck!

What kind of tricks are you interested in?

  • Stage
    Stage performing is the oldest form of this craft. While most performances require a lot of preparation, they usually have the most spectacular effects. If you’re considering becoming a professional, these are the ones you just have to know how to do.
  • Party
    Looking for some cool illusions that can be done casually at a party? Amaze your friends. Party tricks are easy to do, and fun to watch. The reaction you’ll get from the audience will turn you into a hit!
  • Street
    Street performers are some of the talented because they have to perform right in front of the spectator. Often times, there will be a crowd surrounding you, which means every angle is exposed. That’s why these moves need to be fool-proof.
  • Coin
    Unlike coin and prop tricks, coin tricks usually require no preparation. Somebody has a coin in their pocket no matter where you are, so learning these coin tricks can put you in a position to perform just about anywhere.
  • Watch Performances
    Don’t feel like getting into any tutorials at the moment? Get a little inspiration first with these amazing performances from world class performers.

Our extensive guides

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Stage performances are so great because it usually generates the most attention from your audience. All eyes are on you. People are there specifically to watch you perform. Because you are usually performing at an event, you’ll have time to prepare and set up your props. Here are some of the biggest stage illusions in the history of magic.

Easy Party Performances

Party tricks don’t just have to be performed at parties. The reason they’re called party tricks is because they’re fun, easy to learn, and result in a positive reaction from the audience. It doesn’t require any intense training and practicing of moves, but rather, it’s all about knowing the secret. We’ll reveal them to you here.

Cool Street Magic

Street performers are perhaps the coolest kind of magician. They approach strangers and perform tricks right in front of their eyes. Some of the most popular street magicians are David Blaine, Dynamo, and Criss Angel. You may have seen them in their TV specials or clips of them on YouTube.


Coin tricks rely on a lot of sleight of hand. You’ve probably seen some of these at some point or another and wonder how they were done. Some of these are pretty advanced. But the beauty of coin tricks is that once you learn how to do them, you’ll never forget them. They become ingrained in your muscle memory, much like playing cards.


These are some of our favorite performances ever. That’s saying a lot since we’ve see hundreds of acts this year alone.

Looking for more? View our card and mentalism tutorials.