The Pinky Break Card Sleight

The Pinky Break is a fundamental move in card magic. It is used in a countless number of tricks. Its main function is to mark a position in the deck that you want to control to.

For instance, a spectator selects a random card from the deck. You place the card in the middle of the deck, but use a pinky break to mark the position where the card was inserted. This can be done to achieve a number of things, depending on the card trick you are doing.

The Pinky Break can also act as an aid to do other sleights, such as the double lift. For instance, most people who are not at the point of being able to do double lifts in their sleep can use a pinky break after two cards for better control.

In this video, we’ll learn how to do the Pinky Break, and how to do it well so that it is always concealed from the spectator’s view.