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Spotlight: The Magic of Chris Ramsay

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Spotlight: The Magic of Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay is arguably one of the most entertaining magicians in the industry today.

He continually astonishes audiences at hundreds of corporate and private events and is always searching out new ways of shocking people, redefining their idea of what magic is.

How does he do this?

He works to connect with audiences through his YouTube channel where he also shares tips and tricks on how to break off into the magic industry as a solo artist.

But Chris Ramsay doesn’t just play with cards.

He’s a creator, actor, consultant, photographer, writer and polymath on top of one of the world’s most esteemed magicians, all with a keen eye for visual aesthetics.

He specialized in deceptive practices through utilizing techniques he’s perfected through thousands of hours of practice.

Why does He do this?

He wants to alter your perceived reality and through this, redefine your idea of what magic truly is.

His knack for creativity has opened doors to the world of deception and trick creation, having conjured original techniques that are being used by other practitioners all over the world today.

His online following is growing by the day and through this, his creations, expressions, and thoughts have been shared with thousands of audience members worldwide.

In this article, we will outline what makes Chris Ramsay special, his greatest tricks, where to buy his tutorials and our professional opinion on these products.

Facts About Chris Ramsay

So, who is Chris Ramsay? Is he related to Gordon Ramsay?Can He able to match Criss Angel's walk through solid glass windows?  What makes him so special and why should I watch his YouTube channel?

Well, first off, he’s not related to the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, but there are a few interesting facts that make this magician stand out as a unique individual in this exciting industry:

  • Chris Ramsay has never performed on the streets for money
  • Magic wasn't his first passion. He always dreamt of playing professional basketball in the NBA
  • Has gained a lot of popularity over his YouTube channel for his illusion tutorials, public illusion vlogs, and public reaction videos
  • Launched his YouTube channel on December 14, 2011
  • He has over 900,000 subscribers and 97 million views on his YouTube channel
  • Gained over 130,000 followers to his Instagram account, ChrisRamsay52
  • Chris Ramsay has bounced around 16 different schools throughout his life, gaining a broad set of skills and traits that have molded an outgoing and personable character
  • He was born in Germany and now lives in Montreal, Canada

Tricks and Products

Now it’s time to see what Chris Ramsay is really made of. Excited How to Make and Use the Invisible Deck?

Clearly, due to his massive online following, the public loves him and his performances, but how does he fare for teaching his ways to other like-minded and aspiring magicians?

In this section, we will outline some of the products that Chris Ramsay offers through his website and YouTube channel in order to help you gain the same expertise that makes him admired and a sought-after performer.

The Slipshift

This is a visual color change that’s done at your fingertips. In this video, Chris Ramsay shows and explains all the variations of the color change along with a technique to control a card at the very top of your deck.

This trick has been derived from the method of flourishing. As Chris says, when he discovers a new way of clipping a card, he finds himself dissecting it to discover what else it can be good for.

This trick can be purchased for $10 at the Art of Magic. Out of 29 reviews, this trick has gained an average 5-star rating.

Red Pill

This is how this trick goes:

Tow decks are shows to two different spectators. One deck is an opened deck of blue cards while the other is a sealed deck of red cards. The sealed deck is put into one of the spectator’s hands while the other spectator chooses a card from the open blue deck.

Mere seconds later, the chosen card has suddenly disappeared from. The open back and has appeared inside of the sealed deck.

This trick is one of Chris Ramsay’s original favorites and is how he has been booking numerous public and private shows.

How does he do it?

The spectator is shown a sealed pack of cards and is placed in their hands, then is told to think of a playing card. Suddenly, the pack of cards they never stopped holding has that very card stuck in between the cellophane wrapping. How mind was blown will they be? ​Is it more stunning than
David Blaine’s Disappearing Card Trick?

The best part:

you’ll be able to tell them that they can break open the plastic to find out how it’s done or they can keep it sealed as a souvenir.

Murphy’s Magic offers this full-length performance and instruction along with bonus handling and cold read script for free here.


This is a video including a compiled collection of famous Chris Ramsay sleights.

Visual amazements, invisible moves, and incredible deceptions are found in this magic download video for $8.95 at Vanishing Inc.

While watching the video, you’ll be able to learn the moves you need to control these card tricks that will make audiences go wild.

The tricks included in this video are:

Aeon Control: An amazing way of controlling a selection. An awesome version of visual retention.

Klepto: Beautiful and undetectable, stealing cards has never been so smooth. 

The Marvel change: Show your empty hand and change it back in an instant!

At the Table with Chris Ramsay

This live lecture by Mark Calabrese and Chris Ramsay can be found for $9.95 at Murphy’s Magic.

While Chris brings the personal aesthetic to his sleight of hand mastery, he also offers routines and trade secrets with the audience.

Chris Ramsay presents the Praxis Control, Slipshift, Klepto, as well as some never seen before effects and performances like How To Bend A Spoon With Your Mind  that are very entertaining to watch.

Also in this live lecture, you’ll find the work from Mark Calabrese along with his entertaining and fooling effects.

Chris Ramsay Live Lecture

This is Chris Ramsay’s first live lecture at the At the Table Experience where he covers tricks such as the Praxis Control, Slipshify, and Klepto along with some trade secrets.

In this lecture, Chris looks at past releases and brings to the table some other exciting tricks that he’s been keeping up his sleeve.

This live lecture can be found at the At the Table Experience for $7.95.

Memento Mori Playing Cards

This is a deck of cards by Chris Ramsay can be found on his shop for $10.00 here.

The design of this original and beautiful deck of cards is simplistic as it is stunning. Known as “Memento Mori” or, “Remember Your Mortality,” Chris uses his artistic flare to design a deck of cards that stems from the medieval Latin theory of reflection on mortality.

On this deck, the 3D bones graphic art can be interpreted as the beginning of virtual life and a constant reminder of our passing time on Earth.

Darkslide by Chris Ramsay

Darkslide allows the performer to reverse the spectator’s selection visually, on a fully fanned deck with no more than a flick of your finger.

While most card reversals include a tough move, this creation eliminated the hardwork and allows you to overcome an incredible feat with a simple gesture.

The set-up is powerful yet simple.

The spectator picks their card and its placed into a deck that’s fully fanned. With a quick movement of the magician’s finger, the spectator sees their card reverse itself on the deck, resulting in immediate amazement.

This video offers includes online video instructions and is easy to learn.

You can watch this tutorial video on Penguin Magic for $20.00.


Chris Ramsay is available for hire, whether it’s for TV, movies, or for an office setting. Chris Ramsay has been on TV shows such as Penn and Teller: Fool Us, Tricked: Canada and America’s Got Talent.

If you send him an example of your project or event, Chris will help you make it unbelievable -- literally.

Contact Chris for more information and pricing on his site.

Corporate or Private Event Hire

Imagine having all this talent at your very own party. Think about the added entertainment it would bring to have a live magician hanging about the crowd, performing tricks and illusions on your party members.

Well, Chris Ramsay has performed at hundreds of private and corporate parties on a global scale.

That’s because bringing a magician to your party really amps things up. It’s edgy, entertaining and interactive -- an automatic good time for your guests.

Due to Chris’ background and upbringing, he’s particularly charismatic and personable, making him a great hit at any party.

To contact Chris about and event hire, check out this link.

What People Say about Chris Ramsay: Performances and Products

People love Chris Ramsay’s tricks, performances, and online presence.

From his popular YouTube channel to his Instagram account, magicians and admirers flock to these sites for a visually pleasing moment of entertainment and amazement.

Vlogs have been a huge hit for Chris Ramsay and a great way to meet people in real life, changing their minds about what magic means to them.

CBC even picked up on Chris’ heat and wrote an article on his fame, drive, and mission.

On more magician-geared sites, you’ll see magicians looking for specific tricks or illusions created and performed by Chris Ramsay. In terms of products, magicians who have invested in Chris Ramsay’s products and tutorials have only praise to give through reviews.

In almost every corner, Chris is blowing up the magic world through his high-quality and beautiful performances for people of every age.

Our Take on Chris Ramsay Products 

Considering the quality of the videos, tutorials, and products Chris Ramsay offers, we find it astonishing that they’re set at such low prices.

While some products are free and easily found online, other products cost pocket change. The most expensive product we found was his Darkslide trick purchased through Penguin Magic for $20.00.

This shows real love and dedication not just for magic. But for the effort of encouraging others to practice quality magic tricks and illusion performances in order to change the way that people typically view magic.

From watching his videos, browsing his channels and online platforms, it’s easy to see that Chris really does stand out from the crowd.

His Incredible Talent

Not only is he incredibly talented, leaving all of his spectators near speechless with his tricks and performances, but he has a certain fair that is attractive and fresh.

For those of you who’ve watched Arrested Development, it’s difficult not to hear about magic performances without thinking of G.O.B.

And as much as we all love G.O.B, we’re not sure he really motivates any sense of…

Inspiration to anyone.

Chris Ramsay is truly giving depth and flavor to the magician world, attributes that have been basically non-existent for quite some time.

When you’re purchasing Chris Ramsay products, you’re not just getting a high-quality magic tutorial. You’re supporting one of the great figures in the modern magic community, who’s making magic performances a sought-after method of entertainment, art, and unique interaction.

So, what’s our review of these products? We say go for it!

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