Coin Through Glass Cup – The Perfect Bar Trick

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Most coin tricks require the use of gimmick coins, or the use of deception to use more cards than the audience knows about.

This trick doesn’t require any of that, and that is why it’s so great to learn. It can be done anywhere where you have a coin and a glass. The perfect bar trick.

What does it look like?

You hold a coin in the palm of your hand. In the other hand, you have a small glass cup (clear so you can see through it). You show the audience that you don’t have any other hiding coins in palms and bring the glass down on your palm, and the coin transports through the glass and into the cup.

What you will need

To do this trick, you will need a coin and glass cup.

How to do it

Because no gimmick coins are used, this trick requires the use of sleight of hand. It will require practice before you can perform it comfortably in front of an audience.

You won’t get it on your first try or your first ten tries. You need to be able to do it every time without mistakes. Don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

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