How to Produce Cards Out of Thin Air


Have you ever seen a card magician produce cards out of thin air? This is one of my favourite tricks because it looks so spectacular. It’s one of those effects where the move is so cool that it’s good enough to be its own trick.

We’re going to learn how to produce not one, but multiple cards in your hand out of thin air.

Be forewarned that this is going to take a lot of practice. It’s impossible to do this fluidly without getting your muscle memory used to the motions.

What It Looks Like

Before we learn how to do the move, let’s see what it looks like first.

The Tutorial

This can seem complicating at first. Follow along the steps in this very detailed tutorial. You’ll be able to get the hang of it after awhile. After that, you’ll need repetition and practice to do it fluidly.

If you’re serious about mastering this technique, you’ll probably end up watching this video at least over a dozen times.

Having Trouble With the Grip?

If you’re having trouble with the grip, here is a more detailed tutorial on how to form the grip with a more high quality picture and zoomed in closer to the hand.


Hopefully, you’re able to get the basics down with just a little bit of practice. The hard part is getting to point where you can do this smoothly. To get to that point, you have to get to the point where your hands can form the grip as naturally as you can cross your fingers.

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