How to Flick a Playing Card Like a Pro (2 Techniques)

Flicking a card out of the deck can’t be considered a full magic trick itself, but it is one of the coolest ways to end a card trick. This is especially true if the trick involves finding the card your audience has selected.

Instead of taking out the card with your hands and asking, “Is this your card?” flicking it out of the deck and catching it in your hand can turn your trick from mediocre to great.

These are not gimmicky prop tricks that require no skill. They do require a lot of practice before you’re going to be able to perform them for an audience.

Technique #1

Technique #1 is more difficult to learn and requires larger hands, but it is much smoother and dependable once you master it. It looks cooler, and is more natural.

However, this comes at a price. The grip is a lot harder to do. You’ll find that transitioning to the grip is in itself, a difficult thing to master.

Technique #2

For people having trouble with the first way, this is a much easier card flick to learn.

Technique #2 is easier for people with smaller hands. The grip is much easier on your hands, unlike Technique #1 which can cause sore red lines across your fingers if you hold it for too long or too tight.

However, because it uses friction from bending the card, I find it less dependable than technique #1 in certain situations.

Still, both are awesome tricks to have in your arsenal and will add flare to any magic trick you do.