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The 15 Best Magic Cards For All Of Your Tricks And Illusions

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Pick a card, any card. Well, not just any card. You are on a quest to find the best magic cards for blossoming magicians and veteran magic showmen alike.

We reviewed the 15 best magic cards for all your tricks and illusions.

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How We Reviewed The Best Magic Cards

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We reviewed the 15 best magic cards based on a summary of their characteristics as well as their price range. We know shoppers for the best magic cards have a wide variety of needs and skill sets, so we attempted to review a wide range of the best magic cards.

From simple, all-purpose cards useful in magic, to marked cards, to children’s cards, we believe our review of the best magic cards has a deck for everyone.

Overall Price Range

The best magic cards we reviewed ranged from about $ to almost $$$. Some cards were also available in packs. For instance, we found a set of 10 decks for $$ and a set of 12 decks for 30.

The biggest difference in prices was based on some cards being all-purpose, mass produced decks that are also useful for magic. Other cards were crafted more individually or designed specifically for magic. The latter tend to run more costly than the former.

What We Reviewed

  • ​Ellusionist Absinthe V2 Playing Cards
  • ​Magic Makers Orange Reversed Playing Cards
  • ​Sleepers Deck by Ellusionist
  • ​Ice – 100% Plastic Playing Cards
  • ​Joker and the Thief: Custom Designed Deck
  • ​Loftus International Dan Harlan’s Card-Toon Magic Cards
  • ​Ellusionist FATHOM Ocean Themed Playing Card Deck
  • ​Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards
  • ​Best Pipmen World Playing Cards
  • ​Phoenix Marked Deck Cards for Magic
  • ​Union Playing Cards by Theory111
  • ​Matsui Bicycle Black Rider 808 Playing Cards
  • ​S.W.E Deck Playing Cards by Elllussionist
  • ​Tally Ho #9 Playing Cards
  • ​Monarch Playing Cards by Theory11

Ellusionist Absinthe V2 Playing Cards

No products found.


The Ellusionist Absinthe V2 Playing Cards are themed Absinthe, the Green Fairy of Spirits. The Absinthe drink is associated with the bohemian lifestyle, with famous drinkers, like Picasso, Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, who favored it.

These cards are meant to call to mind the intoxicating drink. The Ace of Spades features the filigree of the absinthe spoon. The deck was originally part of the Prohibition Box Set but is now available individually.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Magic Makers Orange Reversed Playing Cards

Magic Makers Orange Playing Cards Bicycle Deck
  • The newest color combination is here!
  • These orange reversed-backed cards are officially printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company with...
  • With this vivid orange deck you receive a BONUS double-face card double-backed card ONE NORMAL...


The Magic Makers Orange Reversed Playing Cards feature a vivid orange color with Double-Face Card, Double-Backed Card, Normal Bicycle Joker & 2 Different Ace of Spades Cards.

The deck holds extra gaff cards with a full collection of special art designed to fit within your deck and amaze your audience.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

Sleepers Deck By Ellusionist


Ellusionists’ Sleeper Deck is a set of high-quality playing cards that are meant for performing. They are inspired by the art déco era, with custom court cards that have grains of wisdom printed on them.

They are also great for sleight-of-hand tricks. With clean, sharp lines, the cards are ready to be cut, shuffled, and dealt over and over.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Ice – 100% Plastic Playing Cards

Ice - 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Premium Poker Sized Waterproof...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our poker cards are manufactured with the utmost care and scrutiny to deliver...
  • 100% PVC PLASTIC: These professional quality plastic cards, resemble those used in casinos, and...
  • POKER INDUSTRY STANDARD: Each standard index dec of these plastic poker cards comes with 52...


Ice’s 100 Percent Plastic Playing Cards have a unique design on PVC plastic cards for professional quality. The cards are similar to those used in casinos.

The decks come with 52 playing cards and two jokers. They are a standard 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches and are thicker than many of their competitors, making them easy to shuffle.

They can also be dealt easily with smooth sliding action. You can use ice cards at home, at a casino, or performing tricks in front of a large audience.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

Joker And the Thief: Custom Designed Deck

Joker and the Thief Deck of Poker Playing Cards - Unique White Gold...
  • Impress all of your friends on card night with a deck of playing cards that has a unique and...
  • White Gold Edition Poker Playing Cards are manufactured to casino grade quality featuring...
  • Forget your fancy automatic shuffler machines; our new deck of playing cards they are easy to...


The Joker and the Thief: Custom Designed Deck is a limited edition set of cards made in the USA. It is a highly collectible set with hand-drawn illustrations.

The Joker and the Thief cards are premium quality for superior handling, whether dealing, shuffling, or performing sleight of hand. They are made of casino grade paper stock and a linen finish.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Loftus International Dan Harlan’s Card-Toon Magic Cards

Loftus International Dan Harlan's Card-Toon Magic Card Trick
  • This Is Quite Possibly The Most Charming Card Trick Ever Invented!
  • Can Be Repeated Immediately With Any Card As Many Times As You Like
  • No Difficult Sleights Required


The Loftus International Dan Harlan’s Card-Toon Magic Cards deck is a kid-friendly set of trick cards. The cards come with a magic cup and ball, rope trick, magic coin, magic want, thumb tip, and more.

A booklet to help with tricks is also included in your purchase. The deck is very charming and suitable for kids at a variety of ages.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Ellusionist FATHOM Ocean Themed Playing Card Deck

Ellusionist Fathom Playing Card Deck - Water Ocean Themed - for Games...
  • Designed for Ellusionist, the Fathom card set is specifically designed with card players and...
  • Features a beautifully designed aquatic theme inspired by Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under...
  • Inspired by the 4 elements, Fathom is the 1st release in the Origin Series by Ellusionist --...


Another deck from Ellusionist, the FATHOM Ocean Themed Playing Card Deck is designed for card players and magicians alike. An ocean theme from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea gives the cards a unique appearance.

This was the first of four sets in the Origin Series by Ellusionist, featuring each of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. The cards are printed on thin but high-quality USPCC stock and have a soft-glide finish for smooth sleight of hand. The product is listed for ages 12 and up.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Bicycle Poker Standard Index Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards - Poker Size - 12 Pack
  • Bicycle Standard playing cards – poker size – 12 pack
  • Bicycle Standard playing cards featuring the historic rider back.
  • Each Bicycle deck is a standard deck of playing cards consisting of 52 Traditional suited...


There is a good chance many of your memories involving cards happened with Bicycle Poker Standard Index Playing Cards. These cards are a standard in the industry and loved for the all-purpose use.

Bicycle cards have been around since 1885, and each deck is specially crafted. They feature the Classic Air- Cushion Finish for easy use and reliable performance. They are also useful for any card game or magic trick.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Best Pipmen World Playing Cards


Every card in a Best Pipmen World Playing Cards deck has a unique design. Together, the designs create one large puzzle. Every card is individual and interesting. These cards can be used as a collectible or as a workable deck.

Whether a family is using the cards to put together the grand puzzle or a magician is doing card tricks, your deck will get compliments every time. Sleight of hand is easily accomplished because of the deck’s smooth finish.

These premium cards are made of 300 GSM card stock featuring casino-grade printing. They are durable and resistant to humidity.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

Phoenix Marked Deck Cards For Magic

No products found.


Phoenix is already a classic brand in the card industry, but their marked decks are a new twist. The deck contains double markings so it is equally useful to right or left-handed individuals.

The backs of the cards are printed with a Phoenix backs, allowing the markings to blend in unnoticed. All markings are in the same corner spot on every card. The cards are available in red-back or blue-back versions.

If you are a magician that uses marked cards, consider the Phoenix Marked Deck Cards for Magic.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Union Playing Cards by Theory11

Union Playing Cards
  • Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history
  • Made in the USA on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests using vegetable based...
  • Designed in Charleston, South Carolina - one of the oldest and most historic cities in America


Theory 11’s Union Playing Cards are inspired by the American Revolution. They are intended to present a message of hope, freedom, and independence.

Icons of colonial America and patriotic symbols are incorporated throughout the design. They are printed on FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests and use vegetable-based inks.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Matsui Bicycle Black Rider 808 Playing Cards


The Matsui bicycle Black Rider 808 Playing Cards are straightforward cards with the famous Bicycle rider design in black.

They have an air-cushion finish that makes them a favorite of magicians. The black Bicycle cards are not as common in the US as the blue. Some magicians like the black appearance better.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​S.W.E Deck Playing Cards by Elllussionist

No products found.


The S.W.E. Deck Playing Cards feature a replica of Erdnase’s green book on the back with green spread throughout the deck. A customized finish smooth for use with your favorite card tricks.

The cards are resistant to humidity and use a strategic ink weight.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Tally Ho #9 Playing Cards

Tally Ho #9 Playing Cards 12-Count
  • Tally-Ho circle back playing cards


Tally-Ho playing cards are designed with a high-quality Linoid finish. They are produced on a stock that is firm but not overly thick. They feature a dimpled pattern common in many USPC decks.

Many magicians swear by Tally-Hos, and the longevity of their popularity speaks volumes.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

​Monarch Playing Cards by Theory11

theory11 Monarch Playing Cards (Green)
  • The most cherished luxury playing cards of our time - now in a striking Green Edition
  • Made in the USA on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests using vegetable based...
  • Featured #1 in the GQ Holiday Gift Guide and in the blockbuster movie Now You See Me


The Monorch Playing Cards by Theory11 are luxury cards made in the USA on FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests. The cards use vegetable-based inks.

As some of the best magic cards, they have been featured as the No. 11 holiday gift cards by GQ, and they were featured in the movie, Now You See Me with Morgan Freeman.

The cards have Theory11’s signature premium 909 finish and custom artwork used to create joker and aces, but respect for tradition left traditional Bicycle face cards in the deck.

Where to Buy

This can be found in Amazon.

The Verdict On The Best Magic Cards

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Determining the best magic cards is dependent on the needs of the individual magician. A young child interested in magic may be well served with Loftus International Dan Harlan’s Card-Toon Magic Cards deck while a professional preparing for a high-end show may choose the Monarch Playing Cards by Theory11.

As we attempted to step back and make a verdict, we asked what cards would serve the greatest number of magicians with durability, consistency, and style. In the end we gave our official thumbs up to the Absinthe Playing Cards V2.

These cards can be used for a simple game of poker, but they are perfect for use as one of the best magic cards, with their unique green aesthetics and mystical history of the famed alcohol Absinthe.

The green color will get the audience’s attention, and their history in the prohibition box set is historically relevant. They are thin and easy to work with for many hand tricks.

Economy Pick

If you are unsure how far you plan to go in your magic career and you want to start simply and cost effectively, the Poker 808 Bicycle cards are a great choice. These are a standard and time-tested card used all over the world.

Bicycle cards perform well for almost any trick with their air-flow finish, and they are easy to handle. Many of the best magicians are content to use the Poker 808 Bicycle cards as one of the best magic cards.

Magic for Humans Review: Packed With Humor and Tricks

Card Tricks, Performance

People are fascinated by the concept of magic. The draw created by the smoke and mirrors magicians use is both seductive and entertaining, which is why shows featuring magicians pulling tricks on unsuspecting people are always around. Even Netflix has thrown a hat in the ring with its new Magic for Humans. But is it worth the watch? After all, magicians are not created equally and neither are their shows. In this Magic for Humans review, we will dissect the ins and outs of the show, compare it to other popular magician shows, and decide if Magic for Humans is all it's cracked up to be. Consider this Magic for Humans review your magic password to the world of magic shows. Abracadabra!

What Is Magic for Humans?

Magic for Humans is part of a new era of magic shows that are part human observation and part 4th wall-breaking commentary on the susceptibility of the human mind. A six-part unscripted series new to Netflix's line-up in 2018, the show is a well-balanced blend of simple science and comedy fit for all ages. Good-natured tricks and grown-up laughs drive the show, which often takes place on the streets of cities and in neutral locations, such as schools, baffling unsuspecting people.

Magic for Humans shows a vital appreciation for comedic timing that takes the whole thing from a set of mild curiosities to a finely tuned exploration of what kind of magic can still command people's attention. Magic for Humans manages to exist in the perfect middle ground between comedy series and street magic. Each installment centers on a different universal theme. Some episodes center on love and companionship, while others highlight guilt as a fundamental driving force for humanity.

About the Magician

You can't have a Magic for Humans review without mentioning the headliner of the show, the magician himself Justin Willman.

Justin Willman leads this unscripted look at people's relationship to magic that's part Nathan Fielder, part Bill Nye. Willman is the perfect magician/comedian hybrid to pull off this kind of show — a prototypical harmony of social commentary and genuine clean comedy. His self-deprecating style lends a certain credibility to his storytelling, making him an unlikely messenger for some of the show's deeper meanings.

Justin Willman aims to wow people as he performs the tricks and illusions in front of them, with no camera tricks to assist him — what the viewers see is the same as what the marks on the show see. It's a particular kind of friendly, not-flashy or over-the-top magic that makes Justin Willman approachable as a magician. His tricks range from simple to incredibly complex, but he doesn't rely on any extra pizazz to bend your mind.

Where Can We Watch It?

In front of a tv with netflix flashed on the screen is a cup of coffee

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

You are only one Netflix subscription away from watching Magic for Humans. Frankly, while some of the harshest critics are skeptical of Netflix's habit of giving the green light for production of just about any kind of show, skeptics can rest easy with Magic for Humans. Magic for Humans marks Netflix's first foray into producing magic shows. It helps that Netflix has a reputation for allowing creative freedom to their production teams because that leeway is what has made Magic for Humans stand out.

"I'm proud to say that all the illusions in the show were accomplished without any camera tricks, and all of the reactions are 100 percent real," Justin Willman said in a statement to Bustle. "I'm aware that by the very nature of editing a show you're manipulating reality, so we went to great lengths to not cut away during any of the crucial magic moments throughout the series. Hopefully, viewers will appreciate this effort and enjoy a little escape from reality."

Netflix seems to have pleased the viewers since Magic for Humans was renewed for a second season, to debut in 2019.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar shows to see how our Magic for Humans review stands up to a review of its competitors.

  • BeLIEve
  • The Carbonaro Effect
  • Death By Magic

It is the goal of any show to stand up to the test of time, particularly magic shows. Because magic shows rest on the premise of managing to fool humans by taking advantage of human nature, it has always been important that magic shows treat human nature as something universal. There is no nuance in curiosity or the way science has nailed down how good our peripheral vision is — and that means that magic shows have to approach their tricks in such a way that they are pleasantly baffling rather than uncomfortably surprising.

We already know from our Magic for Humans review that Justin Willman has expertly toed that line. But what about his colleagues?

Magic for Humans Review

This is a six-part (so far) magic show grounded in the nature of humanity, led by affable magician Justin Willman.


In this Magic for Humans review, we've already indicated that we believe both the host and the magic. But let's really drive it home by explicitly saying that the believability of Magic for Humans is proven in the way the no-trick cameras convey genuinely surprising — and funny — results.


Magician Justin Willman's friendly demeanor and self-deprecating humor make for TV host gold. His personality is unobtrusive, which makes the viewer trust him — and that's a good thing since Magic for Humans has underlying themes that rely on the viewer being led to certain thought-provoking conclusions.


Magic for Humans is a unique show in the sense that social commentary on the human condition hasn't ever been blended into a magic show before. But other aspects of the show aren't very original — such as playing tricks on random people on the street. Of course, this limitation is largely due to the scope of magic shows, which generally rely on unsuspecting marks who are almost always found in the streets. Pus, Magic for Humans makes up for this in introducing other locations and scenarios that spice up the settings for the tricks.

BeLIEve Review

For many of us watching television in the early aughts, Criss Angel's BeLIEve was our first introduction into magic shows at all — never mind magic shows that made a point of being as mind-bending and shocking as possible. Comparing BeLIEve to the Magic for Humans review is almost like comparing a pit bull to a French bull terrier. Whereas Magic for Humans is conceptually accessible to everyone, BeLIEve has a gross-out reputation hidden behind an over-the-top punk spirit. It's a high-flying, high-strung approach to magic shows — and at its height of popularity, audiences gobbled it up.


Believability is the entire goal of BeLIEve. For a magician, the whole trick behind performing a successful illusion essentially is to get onlookers to believe a lie — and Criss Angel does that in spades. BeLIEve certainly isn't for the light-hearted viewer, but there is no doubt that viewers are amazed that every stunt and trick is pulled off so flawlessly.


Headlining magician Criss Angel is, admittedly, a polarizing figure. He curses, he's tattooed, and he's partially nude for almost half of his tricks. Viewers really do either love him or hate him. His style of magic is fast-paced and challenging and leaves you wondering how any of his tricks are even real. Which works for his show, honestly. The brash, daredevil nature of Criss Angel means that watching BeLIEve is kind of like a second-hand adrenalin rush.


BeLIEve is undoubtedly unique. What other magic show on the planet features the kind of stomach-churning stunts that put the magician in very real danger at least once an episode? Criss Angel once attached himself to fish hooks and a helicopter to fly through the desert, proving once again that mind really does trump matter. That kind of wildness isn't seen in any other magic show. And another unique aspect is the unusual pattern of the show mostly being filmed during the nighttime. This might be due to the fact that the show is produced in Las Vegas, or because the tone of the show is altogether a little darker than other magic shows. Either way, Criss Angel is a one-of-a-kind magician.

The Carbonaro Effect Review

What do you get when you put together a hidden camera show and a magic show? The Carbonaro Effect. In each half-hour episode, Michael Carbonaro performs baffling tricks on people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Whether the marks are alone or with friends, everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what they just experienced. Similarly to the comedic tone mentioned in the Magic for Humans review, the Carbonaro Effect has plenty of funny moments.


Hidden camera shows are usually highly believable, if only by the virtue that the unsuspecting marks have no idea they are being filmed and therefore have no reason to alter their reactions. It's part of what makes reality television so entertaining. But while The Carbonaro Effect certainly is believable in general, there is an underlying feeling of the entire show being about pranks rather than magic.


Michael Carbonaro is the exact type of friendly everyman magician that can pull off a hidden camera magic show. He's friendly and has a certain charisma that works for his type of simplistic sleight of hand magic. Just like Justin Willman from Magic for Humans, Michael Carbonaro has comedic timing that makes his tricks benevolent rather than mean-spirited.


While many of Michael Carbonaro's tricks and set-ups are unique by themselves, the repetition of the show being on hidden camera starts to chafe after a while. Maybe Punk'd has ruined our appreciation for the effort that production crews go to in order to make hidden camera television series a reality, or maybe hidden camera doesn't work as well with the medium of magic shows. Either way, the uniqueness of the show is overall a little bland. It's something you might put on for the kids or use a background noise rather than pay 100% attention to.

Death BY Magic Review

Here's the premise of the show: A magician does incredibly dangerous, potentially fatal, death-defying magic tricks. Death BY Magic is being very literal with its titling, as most of the tricks performed by magician Drummond Money-Coutts have killed other magicians in the past. Just as mentioned in the Magic for Humans review, Death BY Magic is produced by Netflix — but is a decidedly darker take on magic shows. The extremism of Death BY Magic is a decided departure from the thoughtfulness of Magic for Humans.


When you have a magician repeatedly putting his life in danger to perfect tricks that have felled other magicians, how can you do anything except believe that the tricks are real? Death BY Magic is eight episodes of tricks that will have you on the edge of your seat. But skeptics of the show have indicated how doubtful they are that the magician is actually in any real danger. We leave that up to you to decide.


Drummond Money-Coutts is the British magician who travels to locations around the world to attempt feats that have proved fatal to other magicians. Risking your life for the entertainment of the masses suggests a sort of reckless bravery that reminds seasoned magic show viewers of the defiance of Criss Angel. Drummond has that same boldness, but his is performed with a British accent.


There is no other magic show like Death BY Magic. Drummond Money-Coutts is really just going around attempting feats that proved fatal to other magicians. He's taking apart what went wrong once before and then executing the trick flawlessly. Among the tricks Drummond Money-Coutts attempts are trying to escape from a car before it floods with water and attempting to get out of a custom-built coffin — successfully, mind you. What other show is doing that?


We can try to blame Houdini for it, but there is a certain glee we feel when our brains are tricked by a combination of misdirected attention and sleight of hand. We enjoy smoke and mirrors. We are enthralled by mind-bending feats of trickery. It's just a simple fact of human nature.

That is why a show like Magic for Humans is so uniquely unifying. Magic for Humans manages to bring the collective human condition to the forefront of a show that is frequently funny as it is thought-provoking. With Justin Willman as the messenger, Magic for Humans has carved a niche of its own amongst the card tricks and devilish stunts of other magic shows.

We give Magic for Humans a full 5 stars! Watch on Netflix now!

Featured Image: Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Spotlight: The Magic of Lennart Green

Card Tricks

When it comes to magic, you need a combination of professionalism and charm to win over your audience. This involves never performing the same trick twice and of course, never revealing the secret to your trick like how Lennart Green does it.

But what about fellow magicians?

Usually, if another magician or illusionist is watching a performance, they’ll know exactly how the magician is working his/her tricks.

However, when fellow magicians watch Lennart Green, it’s an entirely different story.

Lennart Green: Pros & Cons


  • Full of insights on his famous tricks
  • Detailed explanation how he setup his performances
  • Reveals the secrets behind professional and award-winning acts


  • Expensive
Card Trick Abilities

Lennart Green is a Swedish magician, highly known around the magician community and fellow professionals for his card trick abilities.

Throughout the years, Green has been a doctor, a nurse, an assistant gymnastic professor, and violin crafter. However, out of all his many hats, he wears his magician hat the best.

Lennart Green is widely known for his more disorderly magic performances which are both unique and entertaining.

Many claims that his skills and showmanship are unlike any other magician’s, making his shows awe-inspiring for even the most talented magic professionals.

We will discuss who Lennart Green is, his tricks and reviews of the products he offers to help you become a skilled magician yourself.

Lennart Green Background and Famous Moments

It was a show in 1988 that helped Lennart Green rise to the top of magician kingdom.

This was when he was performing magic in close-up style for the judges at the FISM convention.

This event, for all of you who aren’t familiar with magician competitions, is the cream of the crop and takes place every three years.

Lennart amazed the audience with his close-up card trick but then was disqualified under suspicion of using stooges in this act.

This is because the trick Lennart performed was deemed impossible, so the judges assumed he was cheating.

What was the trick?
lennart green: cards facing backwards

Lennart called a volunteer up on stage and asked them to shuffle his deck of cards, however many times they wanted.

The assistant was asked to name a card, and amazingly, Lennart took the card from the deck.

The judges couldn’t believe it, so they immediately disqualified him.

Lennart continued performing as an amateur magician for years, despite his protesting and pleading with the judges.

Three years later, at the same convention, Green entered the close-up magic competition with the same trick. The only difference was this time he invited the judges and their assistants on stage to perform his unbelievable trick.

So, just as before, he asked his assistants (now judges) to shuffle his pack of cards. Again, the trick worked magically, apologies were made, and Green was awarded first place. Enabling him to become a professional magician at last.

Ever since this convention, Lennart Green has become very well known for his lectures and magic tutorials among magicians and fans. These talks and showcases have become so popular and are so well done; he was invited to record one on TED talks.

You can check out the talk, “Close-Up Card Magic with a Twist,” here.​​​

Products and Tricks

Since Lennart Green’s feat at the FISM convention competition, he has created a range of different tricks and products for his audience, fans, and fellow magicians.

We will outline some of the best products and tricks Lennart Green offers, followed by reviews of some of our favorites.

"Stolen Cards" DVD and Deck

With this trick, the skilled magician Lennart Green starts with the basic trick of the Gemini Twins with a normal deck of cards.

Green takes this trick to a whole new level by adding two revelations. A plot and a deck of unique, custom-made cards.

This is a self-working trick which means there’s no sleight of hand tricks needed. The cards that he includes and of course, the presentation, provide incredible performance.

There are some other effects that are similar to Stolen Cards, while not the same.

Kaleidoscope Cards

One card trick called the "Kaleidoscope Cards" by Daryl is very similar and also includes a custom-made deck.

This assemblage of a custom card deck and magical DVD performance is hard to beat.

Lennart Green is a unique magician with originality that comes through his comical and amazing performances. 

He was well-loved and desired all over the world. An example of this is his appearance on NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic. Not only was he chosen to appear on this great show, but the outcome was amazing —everyone loved him.

Through this DVD set, Lennart uses his unique skills to teach aspiring magicians and his fans how to become a magical being.

lennart green: cards focused on close up
Classic Green Volume 1 of 6-Part DVD Set

This volume includes the F.I.S.M act which is the act that made Lennart Green famous around the world.

Included in this act are disappearing glasses, the laser deal, separation of colors, appearing glass of liquid, and a full deck separation straight from a shuffled deck.

You’ll also find in this act, Lennart’s blindfolded ace through to king production.

While this part is shown as performance only, you’ll be able to learn techniques and parts of this routine throughout the three-part set.

This act also includes a large number of sleights, providing one of the greatest assemblages of unique card material available.

Classic Green Volume 2 of 6-Part DVD Set

Lennart is truly one of a kind, and this fact comes out in Classic Green Volume 2.

Lennart can do tricks with a deck of cards you wouldn’t believe. Because of his incredible card magic and his wonderful sense of humor on addictive performances, the world has sought after him.

A World Champion of FISM and featured magician on NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic. Lennart is a world-class entertainer and magician with more than just a few unique tricks up his sleeve.

In volume 2, you’ll get background information and insight on his tricks, The Poker Deal, Deceptive Perception, The Temple of Shiva, The One-Two Separation, The Swedes Deal, Fale Angle Riffle Shuffle and more.

Classic Green Volume 3 of 6-Part DVD Set

Volume three of the six-volume set of DVDs provides more wild magic that makes Lennart Green a world-class entertainer and magician.

You’ll be able to gain insight into his most famous routines and techniques created to blow up the minds of his audience.

In Volume #3, you’ll find the background information and insight into his tricks, Fractal Harmony, Impromptu Royal Flush, 2nd Birthday Gift, One in Fifty-Two Bet. These and many more amazing tricks to learn from and practice into your magic routines.

Classic Green Volume 4 of 6-Part DVD Set

One of the highlights in a Lennart Green performance is when he consistently separates the aces into a red or black order and a new deck order.

In these DVDs, he displays the many methods of using and accomplishing this trick.

Along with this, you will also learn about his love of false shuffles and cuts while learning all the techniques needed to excel at these tricks.

In this specific volume, he outlines Introduction to False Shuffles, Mirror Shuffles, MCavakacade of False Shuffles and Mirror Cross Shuffle.

Classic Green Volume 5 and 6 of 6-Part DVD Set

To finish it off, Lennart Green has two more volumes to this 6-part DVD set.

In these parts, he uncovers more of his incredible tricks, how to master them and the techniques behind their wonder.

In these two DVDs, you’ll find some of his popular tricks such as:

  • The Rope and Nute, Crab Cut
  • The Maurai Move
  • Max Milton
  • The Drop Pass
  • Laser Deal
  • Flexible Deck
  • Lateral Vanishing Deck
  • Drop Cull Separation and many more

You can purchase this box set here at My Magic on Amazon

Lennart Green's Green Lite

Lennart does unimaginable things with cards. Although he is well known for his wild looking card magic; he is also passionate in mathematical principles. And he incorporates them in his card routines.

On this DVD, you’ll find some of this magic that’s self-working, easy and well-explained.

Some of the routines explained include:

  • Fractured Logic
  • Rain Man
  • 4 Aces Squared
  • $26,000 Bet
  • Stolen Cards
Masterfile: Four Set DVD

This set was produced in Portugal by Luis de Matos and includes a four-disc DVD set that includes all of Lennart Green’s creative catalog.

In this set, Lennart reveals the secrets behind professional and award-winning acts, including ten routines, 35 sleights, controls, and flourishes.

Along with this valuable information and material, it also includes two hours worth of interviews by Luis de Matos as he interviews Lennart Green about his work, magic, and life.

These interviews provide insight into one of the most respected and admired magical performers of all time. Through this, Lennart talks about his early influences, his love of magic, music, and puzzles.

This set is subtitles into six different languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

The specific discs include:

Disc 1:

a performance at the Baroque Library at the University of Coimbra which is Green’s professional act that has taken him all over the world. It fully explains every trick, every tint tip and line of the pattern.

You can enjoy the full performance as well as become amazed by the explanations behind the tricks.

Disc 2:

Car separations, special moves, cuts, and shuffles. In this disk, Green takes shuffled cards and amazingly restores them to the regular order.

He tells us all about his techniques, stunning products, secret false shuffles, and everything you need to know to become a magician like him.

He uses these techniques in the thousands of his performances which have given Lennart Green the title of, “The Master of Chaos.”

Disc 3:

Lennart's favorite close-up routines: Stonehenge, The Terrorist, Two Dragons, Something Happened and many more.

These are all featured and explained which will have magicians loving his poker routines and tricks.

Disc 4:

Poker Routines, Three Shell Game, Coins Through the Table, Origami are all included in these routines that will have your crowd roaring.

Green performs dozens of tricks and sleights and moves in this DVD set, one of the finest you can find.

Lennart Green is world famous for his unique and comical performing style and brilliant tricks and thinking behind his performances.

In these DVD sets, you’ll have an inside look at Lennart Green. What makes him world famous and how he sets up his tricks to amaze his audiences over and over.

What People Say About Lennart Green: Performance and Product Review
lennart green: blur design deck fingers

People love Lennart’s performances due to his comedic and unique way on stage.

As mentioned before, Lennart Green can trick anyone in his audience, whether he’s performing for judges or professional magicians.

He is original, smart and comedic which is why millions of admirers continue to look to him for inspiration and entertainment. 

Customer Rating


Our Rating


Lennart Green Product Review

Out of all the products Lennart has produced, Masterfile is by far our favorite, as it is others.

You can buy the product on Amazon, or you can purchase it on Theory 11.

Out of 68 ratings on Theory 11, this DVD set has received an average rating of 4 ¼ stars which is pretty impressive.

On Amazon, this DVD set has received five stars out of two reviews.

Overall, we think Lennart Green has deserved his fame and admiration. He is a fantastic magician with a flair for amazing people with his skills, vibrancy, humor, and amazing stage performance.

His true colors come through when performing, showing true passion for what he does. We highly recommend learning from him as it will mean learning from one of the world’s absolute best card magicians of our time.

Mastering the 3 Card Monte – Tips And Tricks Behind The Show

Card Tricks
3 Card monte trick

You’ve probably seen the 3 card Monte everywhere. It’s a street trick that’s been in dozens, if not hundreds, of movies, television shows, and commercials.

When you start to think about it, you’ll realize that you’ve seen a version of the 3 card Monte everywhere. So to say that you’re familiar with it is an understatement, and yet, you probably don’t know much about it.

The 3 card Monte is an old trick. It goes back all the way to the 15th century, and it can be used by magicians as an illusion. Also, by con artists as a way to take money from an unsuspecting mark.

Here's a video tutorial on how to do the 3 card monte card trick: 

How to Perform the 3 Card Monte
Perform 3 Card monte trick

The basic premise of the game is easy. A dealer puts down 3 cards and challenges an audience to pick the winning card or the money card. A money card is assigned at the start of the game. Traditionally, the money card is the queen of hearts, although the ace of spades is another popular choice.

Whatever the money card is, the audience must successfully locate its place in the lineup of 3 cards face down on the table. If the mark can identify the money card, then the mark wins.

The con and the magic trick

In a con, the mark will place a bet on their pick for the money card. Thus, it's the dealer’s job to make sure they never win. In a magic trick, it's not the magicians’ intention to take money from the mark, or make them feel silly. Instead, the intention is to astound them.

Whether it’s astonishment, or money that the dealer is after, the trick is done the same way. It involves some clever folding, and a little sleight of hand. If you learn to perform the trick well, the choice of how to use it is up to you.

Do you want to take money from your friends, or just leave them in disbelief? Leaving them astounded sounds like more fun, so here’s how you do it. Here is your guide to mastering and performing the 3 card Monte.

How to Arrange the Cards

You’ll begin by laying out the cards. You need 3 cards in total. Two losers, and one winner. It helps to use identical cards as losing cards, because it makes the sleight of hand harder for spectators to detect. For this tutorial, let’s say you are using the 5 of clubs for both losing cards, and the queen of hearts for the money card.

The Bend 3 Card monte trick
The Bend

Once you’ve got your 3 cards selected, the first important step in preparing for the trick is the bend. You’ll take each of the 3 cards and bend them lengthwise. This means that when you place the cards on the table, the long edge of the card will be flush with the table, and the shorter end will curve upwards.

The Bend 3 Card monte trick

Next, you need to pre-bend the corners of the cards. You’ll need to bend the outer right corner and inner left corner of each card. When you perform the trick, you will bend the money card to make it appear easier for the mark to watch.

With a little sleight of hand, however, you will actually remove the bend in the money card, and bend the corner of a losing card to keep the mark distracted. Having the corners of all the cards pre-bent, allows you to move quicker and less detected during the trick.

The Throw

Now that you’ve got the bend, you need to learn the throw. The throw refers to the way you need to place the cards on the table, so that the mark is following the wrong card from the very beginning.

Whether you’re trying to trick your mark for money, or just impress them with your skill, you’ll need to reel them in first. To do this, you have to make the game appear fair, so your first job is to master the fair throw.

The Throw 3 Card monte trick

You’ll start by holding a losing card in your right hand along the bottom edges between your thumb and index finger. 

Then you’ll pick up the money card right below it using your thumb and middle finger. Make sure that the left vertical edges of the cards are touching one another. In your left hand, you will pick up the second losing card between your thumb and index finger.

Then turn your palms up to reveal the cards to the audience. Turn your right palm down, and moving your hand to the left, stop and release the lower card, the money card, onto the table. Then, taking your left hand, toss the losing card to the right of the first card. Finally, toss the last losing card, from your right hand, onto the table between the two cards.

The fake throw

To do the fake throw, you will pick the cards up exactly the same way, with the winning card on the bottom of your right hand, and the losing card on the top. The difference is that when you go to throw down the first card, you will throw down the top card, not the bottom card. To do this, you need to let the top card go with your index finger, and immediately grab the bottom card with your index finger.

The trick relies on this sleight of hand move, and it may take you some practice to get it right. 

Releasing the top card and not the bottom card has to look natural, and it has to go unnoticed. The whole trick relies on not picking up on that one tiny gesture.

So much relies on how quickly you can move your index finger. When it’s done seamlessly, it is undetectable.  When it’s not, you’ll either have a disillusioned audience, or a gambler that wants his money back.

Using Cards with Bent Corners
Bent Corners playing Cards 3 Card monte trick

Some magicians will perform the trick just like that without any added extras, but to give it a layer of complexity, you will now add in the bent corners. You’ve already pre-bent the corners of your cards to make this step easier, and more convincing in front of an audience.

Begin by bending the corner of the winner. Then pick up a losing card in your right hand and show it to the audience. Turn your right hand face down and pick up the other loser in your left hand. As you show the audience the losing card in your left hand, you will use your right ring finger to pull up the corner of the losing card in your right hand as your middle finger pushes on the back of the card.

Tricking the audience

This means that the audience is watching your left hand, while your right-hand puts a bend in the corner of the losing card. Now both the winning and the losing card have a bend in the upper right-hand corner.

To get them further hooked, show the winning card in your right hand and do a fair toss, and then pick it back up again. Your audience gets a good look at the winning card with the bent corner from both the front and the back. They’ve also seen you toss it fairly, so they’re hooked.

In other words, they believe you, and they think they have the advantage because the winning card is supposedly marked with a bend. Now, once you pick up the winning card in your right hand again, you’ll do a fake toss.

You’ll throw down the losing card with the bent corner from your right hand, and keep the winning card in your right hand. You’ll pull up on the edge of the winning card with your ring finger while pushing on the back with your middle finger to remove the bend. Now the losing card is the only one with a bent corner. Toss the remaining 2 cards down, dropping the winner in the middle.

Your mark will have been busy following the bent card, and so they will not choose the card in the middle.

Add Your Own Personality to the 3 Card Monte Trick
3 Card monte trick

Those are the basic moves of the 3 card Monte. Once you have them down, you can work on how to incorporate them into your act.

You’ll start by tossing the cards fairly a few times to let your mark pick the correct card, and gain a little bit of confidence in themselves and in you. Then you might try a little razzle dazzle. Also, you might try to toss the cards quickly. You might pick them up and put them down multiple times before asking an audience member to guess.

By doing all of these things you will keep your audience glued to you and mesmerized. They will hang on your every word as you pick the cards up and put them down, but they’ll still be convinced they can beat you.

Learn Skills that Carry Over into Other Tricks

The 3 card Monte is a great trick to perform for large and small audiences. You can capture their attention, capitalize on your own showmanship, and still leave them astounded. Plus, practicing the sleight of hand will help you improve your other magic tricks as well.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, learn magic tricks at your own pace and level with our tutorials. Here are some options to get you started: How to Make and Use the Invisible Deck | How Does Dynamo Twist An Iphone In Half? | How to Read Minds | How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Instantly (As a Magic Trick)

Spotlight: The Magic of Chris Ramsay

Card Tricks, Chris Ramsay
chris ramsay. deck of cards image with blog title

Spotlight: The Magic of Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay is arguably one of the most entertaining magicians in the industry today.

He continually astonishes audiences at hundreds of corporate and private events and is always searching out new ways of shocking people, redefining their idea of what magic is.

How does he do this?

He works to connect with audiences through his YouTube channel where he also shares tips and tricks on how to break off into the magic industry as a solo artist.

But Chris Ramsay doesn’t just play with cards.

He’s a creator, actor, consultant, photographer, writer and polymath on top of one of the world’s most esteemed magicians, all with a keen eye for visual aesthetics.

He specialized in deceptive practices through utilizing techniques he’s perfected through thousands of hours of practice.

Why does He do this?

He wants to alter your perceived reality and through this, redefine your idea of what magic truly is.

His knack for creativity has opened doors to the world of deception and trick creation, having conjured original techniques that are being used by other practitioners all over the world today.

His online following is growing by the day and through this, his creations, expressions, and thoughts have been shared with thousands of audience members worldwide.

In this article, we will outline what makes Chris Ramsay special, his greatest tricks, where to buy his tutorials and our professional opinion on these products.

Facts About Chris Ramsay

So, who is Chris Ramsay? Is he related to Gordon Ramsay?Can He able to match Criss Angel's walk through solid glass windows?  What makes him so special and why should I watch his YouTube channel?

Well, first off, he’s not related to the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, but there are a few interesting facts that make this magician stand out as a unique individual in this exciting industry:

  • Chris Ramsay has never performed on the streets for money
  • Magic wasn't his first passion. He always dreamt of playing professional basketball in the NBA
  • Has gained a lot of popularity over his YouTube channel for his illusion tutorials, public illusion vlogs, and public reaction videos
  • Launched his YouTube channel on December 14, 2011
  • He has over 900,000 subscribers and 97 million views on his YouTube channel
  • Gained over 130,000 followers to his Instagram account, ChrisRamsay52
  • Chris Ramsay has bounced around 16 different schools throughout his life, gaining a broad set of skills and traits that have molded an outgoing and personable character
  • He was born in Germany and now lives in Montreal, Canada

Tricks and Products

Now it’s time to see what Chris Ramsay is really made of. Excited How to Make and Use the Invisible Deck?

Clearly, due to his massive online following, the public loves him and his performances, but how does he fare for teaching his ways to other like-minded and aspiring magicians?

In this section, we will outline some of the products that Chris Ramsay offers through his website and YouTube channel in order to help you gain the same expertise that makes him admired and a sought-after performer.

The Slipshift

This is a visual color change that’s done at your fingertips. In this video, Chris Ramsay shows and explains all the variations of the color change along with a technique to control a card at the very top of your deck.

This trick has been derived from the method of flourishing. As Chris says, when he discovers a new way of clipping a card, he finds himself dissecting it to discover what else it can be good for.

This trick can be purchased for $10 at the Art of Magic. Out of 29 reviews, this trick has gained an average 5-star rating.

Red Pill

This is how this trick goes:

Tow decks are shows to two different spectators. One deck is an opened deck of blue cards while the other is a sealed deck of red cards. The sealed deck is put into one of the spectator’s hands while the other spectator chooses a card from the open blue deck.

Mere seconds later, the chosen card has suddenly disappeared from. The open back and has appeared inside of the sealed deck.

This trick is one of Chris Ramsay’s original favorites and is how he has been booking numerous public and private shows.

How does he do it?

The spectator is shown a sealed pack of cards and is placed in their hands, then is told to think of a playing card. Suddenly, the pack of cards they never stopped holding has that very card stuck in between the cellophane wrapping. How mind was blown will they be? ​Is it more stunning than
David Blaine’s Disappearing Card Trick?

The best part:

you’ll be able to tell them that they can break open the plastic to find out how it’s done or they can keep it sealed as a souvenir.

Murphy’s Magic offers this full-length performance and instruction along with bonus handling and cold read script for free here.


This is a video including a compiled collection of famous Chris Ramsay sleights.

Visual amazements, invisible moves, and incredible deceptions are found in this magic download video for $8.95 at Vanishing Inc.

While watching the video, you’ll be able to learn the moves you need to control these card tricks that will make audiences go wild.

The tricks included in this video are:

Aeon Control: An amazing way of controlling a selection. An awesome version of visual retention.

Klepto: Beautiful and undetectable, stealing cards has never been so smooth. 

The Marvel change: Show your empty hand and change it back in an instant!

At the Table with Chris Ramsay

This live lecture by Mark Calabrese and Chris Ramsay can be found for $9.95 at Murphy’s Magic.

While Chris brings the personal aesthetic to his sleight of hand mastery, he also offers routines and trade secrets with the audience.

Chris Ramsay presents the Praxis Control, Slipshift, Klepto, as well as some never seen before effects and performances like How To Bend A Spoon With Your Mind  that are very entertaining to watch.

Also in this live lecture, you’ll find the work from Mark Calabrese along with his entertaining and fooling effects.

Chris Ramsay Live Lecture

This is Chris Ramsay’s first live lecture at the At the Table Experience where he covers tricks such as the Praxis Control, Slipshify, and Klepto along with some trade secrets.

In this lecture, Chris looks at past releases and brings to the table some other exciting tricks that he’s been keeping up his sleeve.

This live lecture can be found at the At the Table Experience for $7.95.

Memento Mori Playing Cards

This is a deck of cards by Chris Ramsay can be found on his shop for $10.00 here.

The design of this original and beautiful deck of cards is simplistic as it is stunning. Known as “Memento Mori” or, “Remember Your Mortality,” Chris uses his artistic flare to design a deck of cards that stems from the medieval Latin theory of reflection on mortality.

On this deck, the 3D bones graphic art can be interpreted as the beginning of virtual life and a constant reminder of our passing time on Earth.

Darkslide by Chris Ramsay

Darkslide allows the performer to reverse the spectator’s selection visually, on a fully fanned deck with no more than a flick of your finger.

While most card reversals include a tough move, this creation eliminated the hardwork and allows you to overcome an incredible feat with a simple gesture.

The set-up is powerful yet simple.

The spectator picks their card and its placed into a deck that’s fully fanned. With a quick movement of the magician’s finger, the spectator sees their card reverse itself on the deck, resulting in immediate amazement.

This video offers includes online video instructions and is easy to learn.

You can watch this tutorial video on Penguin Magic for $20.00.


Chris Ramsay is available for hire, whether it’s for TV, movies, or for an office setting. Chris Ramsay has been on TV shows such as Penn and Teller: Fool Us, Tricked: Canada and America’s Got Talent.

If you send him an example of your project or event, Chris will help you make it unbelievable -- literally.

Contact Chris for more information and pricing on his site.

Corporate or Private Event Hire

Imagine having all this talent at your very own party. Think about the added entertainment it would bring to have a live magician hanging about the crowd, performing tricks and illusions on your party members.

Well, Chris Ramsay has performed at hundreds of private and corporate parties on a global scale.

That’s because bringing a magician to your party really amps things up. It’s edgy, entertaining and interactive -- an automatic good time for your guests.

Due to Chris’ background and upbringing, he’s particularly charismatic and personable, making him a great hit at any party.

To contact Chris about and event hire, check out this link.

What People Say about Chris Ramsay: Performances and Products

People love Chris Ramsay’s tricks, performances, and online presence.

From his popular YouTube channel to his Instagram account, magicians and admirers flock to these sites for a visually pleasing moment of entertainment and amazement.

Vlogs have been a huge hit for Chris Ramsay and a great way to meet people in real life, changing their minds about what magic means to them.

CBC even picked up on Chris’ heat and wrote an article on his fame, drive, and mission.

On more magician-geared sites, you’ll see magicians looking for specific tricks or illusions created and performed by Chris Ramsay. In terms of products, magicians who have invested in Chris Ramsay’s products and tutorials have only praise to give through reviews.

In almost every corner, Chris is blowing up the magic world through his high-quality and beautiful performances for people of every age.

Our Take on Chris Ramsay Products 

Considering the quality of the videos, tutorials, and products Chris Ramsay offers, we find it astonishing that they’re set at such low prices.

While some products are free and easily found online, other products cost pocket change. The most expensive product we found was his Darkslide trick purchased through Penguin Magic for $20.00.

This shows real love and dedication not just for magic. But for the effort of encouraging others to practice quality magic tricks and illusion performances in order to change the way that people typically view magic.

From watching his videos, browsing his channels and online platforms, it’s easy to see that Chris really does stand out from the crowd.

His Incredible Talent

Not only is he incredibly talented, leaving all of his spectators near speechless with his tricks and performances, but he has a certain fair that is attractive and fresh.

For those of you who’ve watched Arrested Development, it’s difficult not to hear about magic performances without thinking of G.O.B.

And as much as we all love G.O.B, we’re not sure he really motivates any sense of…

Inspiration to anyone.

Chris Ramsay is truly giving depth and flavor to the magician world, attributes that have been basically non-existent for quite some time.

When you’re purchasing Chris Ramsay products, you’re not just getting a high-quality magic tutorial. You’re supporting one of the great figures in the modern magic community, who’s making magic performances a sought-after method of entertainment, art, and unique interaction.

So, what’s our review of these products? We say go for it!

Featured Image: CC0 Public Domain via Canva, with text, banner, and logo added.