Learn Cool Card Tricks with Rebel Magic

deck of cardsWe reveal the biggest card trick secrets of the pros with easy step-by-step tutorials. From misdirection sleight-of-hand techniques to advanced shuffles and flourishes, card handling abilities are an essential skill any great magician must possess.

Learn simple tricks beginners can master in just minutes or expert level techniques performed by professional magicians like David Blaine and Criss Angel.

The tricks below are separated into sections depending on what kind of moves you are looking for.

What Type of Card Tricks Do You Want to Learn?

Essentials (Basic Required Slights)

If you’re interested in becoming serious about card magic, there are a few moves that are essential to master. These are sleight-of-hand techniques that are frequently used in more advanced tricks.

Casual (Easy Magic Tricks)

Looking for some easy tricks you can learn in minutes with minimal practice? These moves are very simple to pull off and don’t require much sleight-of-hand or special technique. The perfect party tricks and some of the best for children to learn as well.

Professional (Advanced Magic Tricks)

Ready to learn some more advanced card tricks performed by the pros? These tricks involve more use of sleight-of-hand techniques, and will take more time and practice to master. These are tricks that magicians practice for years and perform for world-wide audiences.

Essential Card Sleight Techniques

First, let’s start off with the essentials. These are important moves that every serious magician must master. If you’re a beginner or novice, these moves can seem very difficult. For pro-level card tricks, these moves are considered the basics so it’s worth it to learn them. If you’re only looking for some easy 1-move tricks to wow your friends, scroll further below to the Easy section.

  • the-double-liftThe Double Lift
    An essential move for any serious card magician. Learn 4 ways to do the double lift, and which is the best one.
  • card forcesHow to force a card
    Card forces are absolutely essential for any card magician to master. Most advanced card tricks will require this move. The good part is that you they’re pretty simple to do.
  • pinky breakThe Pinky Break
    A fundamental sleight of hand in card magic. Used in countless number of tricks for positioning, and aids in other sleights like the double lift.
  • Elmsley CountThe Elmsley Count
    Learn how to hide certain cards in the deck, and make it appear that there are less cards than there actually are.
  • one-handed cutThe One-Handed Cut
    Learn how to do the one-handed cut. Cut a deck of cards using only one hand. A very cool sleight of hand to incorporate into your card tricks.
  • Easy Fancy False Cut TutorialThe False Cut
    Learn how to cut the deck multiple times in your hand, making it appear like you are shuffling, but keeping the order of the cards exactly intact.
  • double undercutThe Double Undercut
    One of the most important sleights required in a lot of bigger tricks. Put a card into the middle of the deck and control it back to the top without the audience noticing.
  • shuffle-cardsShuffle Cards Like A Pro
    Shuffling cards is an essential skill that all magicians must master. Here are two of the most simple card shuffles you should start with.
  • throw-cardsHow To Throw Cards (Really Fast)
    Learn the techniques for throwing playing card, and make it fly really far, fast, and accurate.

Easy / Beginner / Kids Card Tricks

Don’t be fooled by the title. Even though these tricks may be easy to learn, the effects are truly awesome. Even the highest level magicians perform the tricks listed in this category. If you’re looking for card tricks for kids, then these are good ones to look at. If you want to learn quick and easy card magic that doesn’t require the use of advanced card sleights and card handling skills, these are the tricks for you.

Advanced / Professional Card Tricks

These are the tricks and card sleights performed by professional magicians like David Blaine, Dynamo, and Criss Angel. You’ll require a lot of practice before you can attempt them in front of an audience, especially for those that require the use of multiple techniques in one trick. If you’re serious about card magic, these are the tricks to learn and master.

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