Learn Mentalism & Mind Reading Tricks

mentalistA mentalist appears to have higher mental abilities than others. Some people regard them as psychics, having a sixth or seventh sense that “ordinary” people do not possess. Mentalism tricks have some of the most powerful effects on people because they appear real. That’s why they’re my favorite kind of magic, even better than card magic.

If you know what you’re doing, spectators actually will believe that you have “special powers.”

This guide contains everything you need to become an elite level mentalist. But before we dive into the tutorials and lessons, let’s look at a brief background on the subject and how it differs from regular magic.

Types of Mentalism

The most common categories of mentalism include telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, mind control, and hypnosis. The most popular kind of performance involves mind reading, where the magician will accurately point out exactly what the audience is thinking.

How does it differ from regular ol’ magic

The biggest difference between the two types of artists is in the way they portray themselves (and their abilities) to their audience. While a magician might inform the audience that they will “play” with their imaginations and beliefs of reality, a mentalist makes every effort to portray that their mentalism is real with no trickery involved. As a result, most mentalists don’t mix magic into their routines at all, while a magician might incorporate various forms of mind reading and clairvoyance into their illusions.

Here’s an example of a really cool mentalism trick that people are still speculating about how it’s done. From the show, Britain’s Got Talent, Aaron Crow is a master of getting everybody’s attention. He looks and acts like he is not from this world, or is oddly different. It makes the audience wonder, “Just maybe… maybe he does really have supernatural powers.”

Most of today’s best magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Dynamo use a combination of mentalism and magic into their acts. David Blaine’s latest TV special, Real or Magic is the perfect example. In the show, he does everything from making a playing card appear from inside an uncut lemon to making people feel things without ever touching them.

The Secrets Revealed

A lot of mentalism is exactly what the name states – they’re mental plays. Unlike something like card magic, it doesn’t involve a whole lot of sleight of hand or special techniques that takes years of practice to master. Usually, it’s simply a know-how and then applying it with your own sense of style to it.

When you learn how these tricks are done, mentalism can seem very bland and boring. A lot of really great tricks that you’ve seen in the past, you will now realize how simple the trick was to do.

Remember: Mentalism is 80% performance. Obviously, your friends and family know you don’t have supernatural powers. But the trick is in getting the audience to think about the possibility of it even for a second.

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Also if you are looking for more information these resources can provide more assistance.

Learn Mentalism Tricks

Here are some of the most popular mentalism tricks. We’ll reveal the secrets behind them and show how you can perform them too.

  • rebelmentalismMind Reading & Hypnosis
    The most powerful guide to mentalism – created by RebelMagic. Learn mind reading and hypnosis techniques never revealed publicly before anywhere else.
  • cup and knife mentalism trickThe Spike Cup Trick Revealed and Tutorial
    One of the most popular mentalism tricks of all time. 5 cups or bags are placed down on a table, and a knife seats beneath one of them. Learn to correctly slam your hand down on all empty bags without seeing beforehand where the spike is placed.
  • predict card selection How to Predict What Card The Audience Will Choose
    This are many different variations of this trick, and this is one of the easiest versions. Spectator choose a card from a selection of 3, and you flip over your phone to see that you had guessed it before the trick had even started.
  • david blaine's mind trick David Blaine’s Touch Without Touching Trick
    An amazing advanced level trick. With two participating spectators, one has their eyes closed. Tapping the other spectator, the one with the eyes closed feels it and pinpoints exactly where the other was tapped.
  • spoon-bendingHow To Bend a Spoon With Your Mind
    Learn this classic mentalism trick. Your friends will think you have supernatural powers when they see you bend a spoon using just your mind.

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