Very Easy Coin Trick Makes You Look Like a Professional

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How to do the Pinch Vanish coin trick

Coin magic is a fun way to entertain. Since coins are small, most coin tricks are considered close-up magic, as the audience must be close to the performer to see the effects. Coin magic is sometimes performed onstage using large coins. In a different type of performance setting, a close-up coin magician will use a large video projector so the audience can see the magic on a big screen. Coin magic is generally considered harder to master than other close-up techniques such as card tricks. Because coin tricks require great skills and grace to be convincing, and this takes a lot of practice to master.
Still this is one of the easier coin trick for any beginner to learn, and it will amaze your friends and family. You will definitely want to add this trick to your magician’s bag. Learn how to get this trick down pat with help from this how-to video.

First, hold the coin in between your thumb and index finger by the outer edges of the coin. Then press hard till coin falls flat between your two fingers. Practice till the coin falls, and your thumb and index finger are shielding the coin from being seen. Then your left hand comes over, grabs the coin. You can squeeze that coin into oblivion, and it is gone. This is how to do the pinch vanish coin trick.

Your audience will then think the coin has been taken in your left hand. As they watch act as if you are crunching the coin and making the coin disappear in thin air. Open your left hand to show that the coin has vanished. There you go, you have performed the pinch vanish coin trick.

All you will need is A coin

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