Learn How to Do David Blaine’s Card in Lemon Trick

David Blaine

In David Blaine’s TV special, Real or Magic, he performs a card trick on Harrison Ford. Basically, Harrison chooses a card and it disappears from the deck. David asks him to take a piece of fruit and cut it, and inside is Harrison’s card. Harrison is so amazed at the trick and blown away by David’s “power” that he tells him to “Get the [heck] out of [his] house.”


When I first saw this trick in his show, I thought it was a fake. I though Harrison was in on it because there is no way it can actually be possible. Before we learn how to do the trick, let’s take a look at David performing it to Harrison first.

Now, let’s learn how to do it. It actually takes a bit of preparation to do it, meaning you have to set up the lemon beforehand. Because David randomly told Harrison to pick any piece of fruit from his fruit bowl, it leads me to believe that every piece of fruit was prepared this way.

Here is the tutorial:

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