Revealed: David Blaine’s Extreme Mentalism Trick on Jamie Foxx

David Blaine, Revealed

This is a magic trick from David Blaine’s TV Special, Real or Magic. It involves mentalism where two people are faced about 2 meters apart and facing each other. They both have their eyes closed.

Through touching one person, David is able to make the other feel the exact same thing even though they were never touched, and their eyes were closed.

David performs this trick on Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne Bishop. Let’s watch that first.

When I first saw this trick, I could swear Jamie and Corinne were in on the trick.

However, after speaking with other magicians, I learned that there actually is a method to this. Jamie and Corinne were not in on it and had no clue how it was done.

How was it done?

The first part of the trick is unknown yet. I have no idea how Corinne was able to feel the shoulder push, and I have yet to hear any logical assumptions from other magicians.

The second part of the trick is revealed below. It is actually through the use of invisible string. Watch the video below revealing David’s method, and then re-watch his move on Jamie Foxx. You can clearly see that this assumption makes sense.

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