How To Bend A Spoon With Your Mind (REVEALED)

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The ability to bend a spoon with your mind is a staple for magicians and illusionists, and learning to do this skill seamlessly will always enhance a performance.

Since this is such a popular trick, there are various ways of doing it.

Let’s walk through two different ways to do this trick.

Choose which method fits you best according to your magic preferences.

Method #1: It’s Already Bent!

One way to do this trick is to have two, separate pieces prepared.

You need a spoon that is already bent and a straight stem that is separate from this spoon. You will be relying on sleight of hand and angles to complete the illusion.

spoon is already bent

When you begin the trick, you will have the already bent spoon in your hand, and you will position your fingers to hide its stem from view.

The straight stem will be held as if it is coming out of the spoon, giving the illusion that the spoon is straight.

When you’re ready to bend the spoon, you should slowly release your grip on the straight stem.

Doing so will allow it to fall gradually down to rest on top of the spoon’s already bent stem that is hidden. Once you complete the bending, keep the straight, separate stem hidden in your hand as you pull the pre-bent spoon out by the bowl and draw the audience’s attention to it.

Viola! You’ve bent the spoon.

Method #2: Cut It Up

Another way to complete this illusion is to not just bend the spoon with your mind, but to totally break it!

To do this trick, you will need a pre-cut spoon that has been cut almost the whole way through.

Pick up this spoon. Show it to the audience, and let them know that you are going to focus your energy on it as hard as you can.

Be sure to be holding the spoon between two fingers on the break so that it seems to be in one piece.

While you seem to be concentrating your energy, you will really be snapping the spoon along the cut. Squeeze tightly so that neither piece slips.

spoon is cut in two pieces

Then, begin bending the spoon.

Hold the spoon horizontally so that the audience can get a good look at it, and keep pressure along the break point.

Gradually release this pressure so that each side will begin tilting towards the ground. Once you release enough pressure, the pieces will fall apart showing that you have cut the spoon with your mind.

Who knew breaking a spoon was so easy? With these two techniques, you’ll be able to show both fan and skeptic alike your ability to bend or break a spoon.

Perfect both styles to add the greatest versatility to your magic repertoire.

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