The Signed Card Trick by David Blaine

David Blaine, Tutorial

Here’s yet another trick by David Blaine. This trick is best performed sitting down with a hard surface (such as a table) where you can place the cards down. You’ll require a marker for this trick so the spectator can sign their card.

What it looks like

The spectator “randomly” chooses a card. They sign their name on the back. They then “randomly” select another card, and sign their name on the front. Both cards are placed face up on the table. After you give the first card a wave, the signature on the back disappears and moves to the back of the second card.

You’ll notice that in a lot of his card magic, the main key to the trick is doing the double lift. This one is no different. It just shows you how powerful the double lift is, and the versatility it gives you in your moves.

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