Spotlight: The Magic of Daniel Madison

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Born in England, Daniel Madison is a world-famous illusionist who won his fame through his sleight of hand mastery.

This talent also awarded him president status of the underground magician crew; Magic is Dead, based in the UK.

Daniel Madison: Pros & Cons


  • High-quality and entertaining videos
  • Incredible learning tools
  • Affordable price


  • Not for beginners
  • Most tricks requires intermediate skills to perform

Daniel has shown his technique on Penn & Teller: Fool us as well as online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. You can watch the video from Penn and Teller here.

Before he got into magic, he was banned from casinos for card counting to cheat at blackjack, leaving only backroom poker games for his skills and attention. He was hired later on as an employee to help catch other card counters for casinos.

After six months as a card cheater, his sleight of hand technique was exposed, resulting in a hospital visit and ending his poker cheating life for once and for all.

After the magic circle rejected his debut lecture notes, Daniel decided to hold a private lecture in 2005 at a convention for an invite-only audience.

It was the success Daniel needed to launch him into the underground world of the industry as a well-recognized artist.

Early Years of Daniel Madison

Daniel has had a rough past, but one that has sent him towards his successful career in magic.

A card cheat influenced Daniel at an early age who introduced him to various sleights and con-techniques.

He spent years developing a range of deceptions from memory training to sleight of hand. Once he took his skills to the casinos, he was quickly caught from casinos and they banned him for life. This led him to play backroom poker games where he was able to make a living for a short while.

Soon after, he was exposed to cheating a game through specific techniques which, as mentioned earlier, landed him in a hospital and a wheelchair for six months.

Through his recovery in his wheelchair, he said that magic found him, leaving the rest to history.

He has been performing since 2001 when he had his first magical performance which helped him decide to continue with magic.

Facts About Daniel Madison

What makes Daniel Madison special?

Well, besides his hard past and fight to the top of the magician industry, his way of looking at the magician community and what it means, truly makes him stand out from the crowd.

How do we mean?

Here’s a list of interesting facts we’ve sniffed out to give you a better idea of who Daniel Madison is:

  • His favorite effect to perform is RIP or anything that includes a vanishing deck, while his favorite effect to watch is Smoke by Derren Brown. As he says, it’s, “Magic at its finest.”
  • Despite this being his favorite trick, his favorite performer to watch is David Blaine due to his showmanship. As Daniel Madison says, he takes simple ideas in magic and inflates them with character, which made the effects seem amazing and real. David truly has a way of freaking people out.
  • Daniel believes that magic is an art form, and what he thinks is wrong with the magic industry today is a magician’s desire to fool people into thinking that it’s not. Instead, Daniel believes that some magicians are more interested in getting props and effects from magic stores. However, it takes more than performing a specific impact to call yourself an artist.
  • Daniel believes that magic would have a better name for itself if magicians had more respect for the art of magic.

Daniel epitomizes the “underground magician” with a modern twist. He’s a fighter and a believer of genuine growth in the illusionist community.

David Madison’s Tricks and Packages

So you admire David Madison’s style and abilities, his incredible sleight of hand techniques and mathematical mind.

Good news: he has some educational and entertaining material for you.

If you check the forward-thinking and modern magician hub, Theory 11, you’ll find tons of downloadable material to learn from.

It includes some of David Madison’s favorite personalized tricks that have given him his fame and status in the magic world.

Which one is your favorite?


In the midst of flicking a playing card it magically and automatically changes.

GLITCH serves as a mesmerizing new color change trick that was inspired by Dave Buck, Dan Buck, and Ed Marlo.

It is the type of practical color change you can learn and use in every performance you have.

Learn every part of this sleight of hand card trick, down to every detail to perfect it. This how-to video contains 10 minutes of high definition, comprehensive instruction from one of the most talented magicians in the business.

Check out the tutorial here.


This trick starts off with two different colored decks. You as the magician ask a spectator to choose whatever card they like and put it on top of the pack of cards. As soon as they do, you do the same.

Somehow, both cards match.

The spectator’s free choice leads the audience and spectator to one conclusion: true magic.

BLIND has a modern twist to an age-old card plot with absolutely impossible conditions:

No doubles, no duplicates, no explanation.

You can learn the whole effect today, on top of extra tips and the psychology that enables this trick to work perfectly.

This is all explained in detail for 10 minutes on high definition video.

Just you, Daniel and some awesome tricks.


In this trick, any playing card is chosen and placed on top of the deck, face up.

The deck is put beneath a glass tabletop or surface and is penetrating up through the glass visually.

Suddenly, it melts back through the glass table again.

BREACH is an amazing card visual that occurs with little cover, using any glass surface you want. This is magic at its finest.

Learn about the details, subtleties, nuances, and variations in just over five minutes. Smooth, detailed and high definition.


In this specialized trick, any playing card is selected freely, then put back into the deck after the individual remembers it.

The magician produces two aces together.

While holding the edges of the two ace cards, the magician pulls them out slowly to reveal the aces have caught a playing card: the original selection.

By watching almost 10 minutes of high definition instructions, you’ll be able to learn this amazing card trick with all the details and nuances.

Check it out here!

In Flight

This card trick is fast and fairly simple for a pop-out flourish.

Any card is selected and gets thrown into the air, lands into your hand in one slick motion. You can learn this definite crowd pleaser in three minutes of high definition instruction. It covers everything you need to know in a concise and digestible manner.

Check out the video here.


This is a classic trick turned modern and a signature card performance by Daniel Madison.

By cutting a regular deck of cards into many packets, you immediately produce any four of a kind.

If you have a basic understanding of cardistry, you can learn an amazing production right now.

ASYBIL is Daniel Madison’s version of Sybil Cut, a classic flourish.

You need to know a basic understanding of the cut to learn this production.

Learn everything you need to know about this cut in only five minutes of high-quality training by one of the most sought-after magicians of our time.


It is a new cardistry sequence used to begin a flourish you’ve already mastered. It can also be used as the basis for a while new creation of your own.

Daniel Madison displays a unique skill that will amaze any crowd or audience.

In only five minutes, you can learn all the details and tricks involved in this flourish through precise expert training in high-definition video.

Dangerous 2-Disc Set

This is a two-disc set that trains viewers to master the work of the underground magician and cardist, Daniel Madison.

Volume 1, Mystique is all about Daniel’s magic, while Volume 2, Motion, includes his signature creations in cardistry.

The magic in this training video is direct and visual, and the instruction is comprehensive and high-quality.

Each trick is presented in great detail with vocal instruction paired with on-screen text, many camera angles and other tips from Daniel himself.

You’ll learn the psychology of the magic, hand positioning and everything you need to know to make the tricks your own.

In MYSTIQUE: Volume 1 you’ll find 11 practical magic tricks that you can try in any situation — totally independent of location and props.

After watching this DVD, you’ll be able to learn Daniel Madison’s tricks such as:

  • Aces
  • Bad Influence
  • Angle Zero
  • Color
  • Catch
  • Heritage 
  • Lapse and many more 

It also includes more shots filmed in the UK.

In MOTION: Volume 2, you’ll find 21 cardistry moves that will gain attention and admiration from any crowd or situation.

Through these lessons, you’ll be able to learn variously specialized flourishes such as

  • Sleepless
  • Downfall
  • 4sybil
  • Aries
  • Lethal
  • Lethal X
  • Mayhem and many more

All cardistry moves are taught in Daniel’s classic style. Check it out here.

Cardistry By Daniel Madison

Cardistry is where Daniel Madison thrives.

When he has a deck of cards in his hands, incredible things happen.

This collection is comprised of 13 of the amazing tricks Daniel Madison achieves, his journey and his skills on camera for you to watch, be amazed by and learn from.

Check out prices, purchasing methods and the list of cardistry tricks you’ll learn through this collection at The Ellusionist.

Daniel Madison Product Pricing 

For the quality of material Daniel Madison provides through the technical and professional videoing support of Theory 11, these prices are very fair.

Remember, Daniel is giving you an all-access peek into his tricks and methods — the very aspects that give him his fame and admiration.

As Theory 11 knows well, Daniel Madison has a special and unique flare to his magic performances and tricks. These prices not only help him continue to do what he does best but are bite-sized educational pieces for you to learn from and start developing your unique style.

The most expensive product is the Dangerous 2-Disc Set

Learn from a pro. Gain confidence and educate yourself on new techniques for a super affordable price.

Our Rating


Customer Rating


What We Think and Public Perception

While Theory 11 products haven’t been rated yet, Cardistry by Daniel Madison has been reviewed 40 times with an average rating of 4 ¼ stars.

The majority of customers say that it’s an incredible learning tool, especially considering the price, while the only downfall is that the buyer’s level in cardistry needs to be fairly high, to begin with, to gain valuable insight from this lesson.

If you’re looking for a cardistry performance that amazes for a low price and high definition video, we believe that Daniel Madison is your guy.

As an underground magician and illusionist, he brings a unique and attractive flare to the table, a kind of style that you can emulate and mold into your own, without making any outlandish financial investments.

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