The Rising Card

The Rising Card is one of the most popular tricks in card magic.

It does involve a bit of setting up before you do it, but if you do it perfectly, nobody will have any suspicion of it and it does look like real magic.

What does it look like?

Basically, you are rising a card up from the deck while it is in the box.

First, you ask the audience to select a card. You put the card back into the middle, then you put the deck back into the box. You hold the box up in front of the audience and slowly, the card they selected just rises by itself out of the deck.


There are 2 parts to this trick. A sleight of hand, and the actual rising trick.

Part 1
First, a sleight of hand is used to bring the card they selected back to the top of the deck.

The sleight of hand used in this trick is called the Double Undercut.

It’s such a great move to be able to bring any card back to the top.

You can learn how to do this in our double undercut tutorial.

It’s a really important part of this trick.

Part 2
The second part of the tutorial is where we learn to make the card rise from the deck.

Here’s the big secret: There’s a hole cut out in the backside of the box of cards.

We use the double undercut to control the card back to the top so that it’s the first card in the deck when we put it back into the box.

All we have to do now is to push up the card with our index finger.

Will people be suspicious of the box?

Don’t worry about people being suspicious about there being a hole in the back of the box. Nobody even thinks about it.

In fact, at the beginning of the trick leave the box face down right on the table in front of everybody. That makes it even more amazing because it was there right in front of them the entire time so they won’t suspect anything.

At the end of the trick, simply take out the card along with the rest of the deck and casually put away the box in your pocket.

Watch the full performance and video tutorial of the rising card trick

NOTE: In this video, he skips part 1 of the trick and just places the card straight on top of the deck, rather than place it in the middle.

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