The Double Undercut Card Sleight Tutorial

The Double Undercut is one of my favourite sleight of hand moves in card magic. It’s easy to learn, easy to perform under pressure, and just looks so natural.

It’s a move that allows you to put a card into the middle of the deck and control it back to the top of the deck without the audience knowing.

There are so many tricks that require this card sleight that this is an essential move to have in your arsenal.

This is what The Double Undercut looks like when it’s performed.

So let’s learn how to do it now. If you’re comfortable holding a deck, it won’t take too much practice before you can do it naturally.


As you push the card into the middle of the deck, push slightly down on it so you can separate it from the top half of the deck.

Like this:

After you form the gap, all you need to do is half the bottom half again so that you have 3 piles. Then, control them to the top like this:

How easy is that?

I think this is pretty straightforward. Just watch the tutorial videos here a couple of times and try to copy it.

You should master it in no time.

The easiest tricks that involve this sleight

With the double undercut, you can do those moves that you always wondered about as a kid.

Make the audience pick a card. Put it back into the deck. Do the double undercut. Peek at the top card. Then give it back to the audience to shuffle as much as they want.

Then, find their card.

It’s one of the simplest tricks in the book, but people love it.

Have fun with it.