How to Predict What Card The Spectator Will Choose (Easy Version)

This is a very fun and easy trick to perform. It’s a basic mentalism trick where you can predict what card the spectator will choose. It does require some preparation beforehand.

What it looks like

You take out 3 cards from the deck and place them face up on the table for the spectators to see. You then tell them to choose one of them. Any one they would like. When they select one, you turn over your phone and written on a piece of paper taped to the back is the card they selected.

How is it done?

Okay, so that sounds like a pretty cool trick. So how is it done?

You may be disappointed at how simple this is, but the trick is to prepare 3 cards and write down each one on the back of something.

For one, you can put it on your phone. For the second, you can put it on the back of the card box. For the last, you can write on the back of card.

Here’s a video to show you the trick being performed first, then explained at the end.

You can use anything really. It doesn’t have to be on the back of a phone or card box. Whatever you have will work. Just remember to keep it in plain sight during the trick so the audience realizes it was there all along.

This trick would look very different depending on how you perform the trick and the vibe you portray during it. The mentalist in the video was obviously just having a good time to his friend so there was no mysterious factor to it.