Fist Squeeze Coin Vanish Trick Tutorial

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You’ve probably seen this trick at least one time or another. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The magician takes a coin in his fist. Closing his fist, he squeezes hard and after 5-10 seconds, he opens his hands back up and the coin is gone.

So how does the coin vanish?

Most people brush it off as either a gimmick coin of some kind or some really advanced sleight of hand that they probably couldn’t do anyways.

When you see how it’s actually done, you’ll see that just about anybody can do this trick.

What you need

Yes, this is kind of a gimmick trick. You need to do some preparation beforehand in order to pull it off.

You’ll need:

1. Chapstick or a regular glue stick
2. A coin – preferably a quarter

And that’s it.

Here’s how it works

First, you’ll need to apply the chapstick or glue stick to the back of your hand. Choose whichever hand you’re going to pretend to squeeze the coin in.

You’ll need to apply quite a bit. Enough to make a coin stick to it and not fall off.

Here’s the big secret: The coin isn’t even in the fist when the magician squeezes on it. He moves it to the back of his fist (which is out of sight from the spectators) and then squeezes it there.

vanishing coin trick

Watch the video below to see how you get it to the back without being caught by spectators.

When to perform it

Since the trick involves angles (ex. you can see the coin from behind or even the side angles) it’s best when you have the full audience directly in front of you.

Also, you want to choose to perform this carefully. It requires an audience with kind manners. You don’t want to do this for your friends and have them smack your hands right after you’re done.

If performed right, it looks absolutely amazing. The glue/chapstick is kind of a turn-off for more advanced magicians, but the effect is spectacular.

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